The María Perlaza Corporation, faithful to its commitment to serving the community, has developed the Solidarity Project in these times of pandemic as unconditional support to those who find themselves in difficult situations. This initiative has been of great help to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood, support and volunteerism between the Corporation, its donors, students, parents and the community in general.

Help lines implemented:

  • Supply for families every 3 weeks.
  • Medicines.
  • Connectivity - to allow access to classes.
  • Solidarity PC that allows students who do not have computers to work through the computer bank that our Academic area manages.
  • Volunteering for different needs.
  • Support for entrepreneurship.
  • Psychosocial care.

We invite all those interested in this Solidarity project to join in making it possible to extend the aid to a population that is more vulnerable every day.

To help you can contact us or make a voluntary contribution:

Make a donation for $ 100,000 COP.

Make a donation for another value:


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