"Horizons" project:

One of our concerns has been to ensure that our students can continue their high school studies in an educational institution with the same guidelines for academic excellence and values that we have worked so hard to provide in preschool and primary school. Thanks to the support of the Catholic University, students who have an excellent academic performance and participate in all the activities offered by The Corporation, can do their Industrial junior and high school at the Luis Madina School, in a collaborative process, between the Corporation, the children and their families. The coverage of the annual costs of each student is a joint effort between the parents, the Luis Madina school and the María Perlaza Corporation.


Talent hunting project:

This project's main proposal is to provide specialized attention that helps students to correct, improve and enhance their skills, becoming aware of their quality and motivation, with the permanent accompaniment of the official teaching team and a complementary day, supervision and advice from the team. psychosocial supported with interdisciplinary university internship students with which there is an agreement.

Early childhood project:

This proposal aims to provide love through Montessori education to children who are part of kindergarten, transition and first grade. The objective of this project is to continue with this pedagogy, seeking to improve development in the areas of coordination, attentiveness, independence, order and discipline.


Learning Communities Project:

This project seeks to think, plan and execute new ways of living the teaching and learning process with active and team participation between the school, parents and partner institutions, with the main objective of promoting and strengthening the active participation of families and the community in the processes and learning spaces of the school.

Project for academic improvement and strengthening of values:

Through 3 great bets: Seedbeds, Talents and Horizons, and through our logical and mathematical thinking workshops, critical thinking, scratch programming language, artistic education, reading plan, academic and psychological support, we intend: - Enhance the cognitive, communicative and attitudinal capacities of the students in accordance with the educational and psychosocial needs, identified by the teachers and professionals of the Corporation. - Increase the participation of the students' families, organizations in agreement and volunteering in favor of a quality education for all students.


Bilingual Project:

One of our objectives is to broaden the horizons of our students, through the learning of a second language. For this reason, in alliance with the Centro Cultural Colombo Americano, English classes are developed for children from transition to fifth grade.


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