The Maria Perlaza Corporation supports adolescents, young people, and adults to continue with their life projects, intervening to achieve their access to higher education:

Industrial Baccalaureate:

It supports adolescents and young people to continue with their baccalaureate studies at the Luis Madina Industrial College, a high-quality institution, with academic excellence but also with training in values, thus giving continuity to their life project, opening the way for the university.

University and technical studies:

Supports students who have graduated from the Corporation through vocational guidance, management, and obtaining resources to continue their studies in university or technical Higher Education Institutions.

Horizons without borders:

Supports students who have graduated from the Corporation, and who are in other cities or abroad.

Horizons through sport:

It accompanies students to become high-performance athletes, in different sports disciplines, at the same time that they carry out their academic studies.


Corporación María Perlaza

(+57) (2) 3868071 - (+57) 317 574 1085

Calle 5 Oeste # 18-02 Barrio Nacional

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.