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Become a sponsor by guaranteeing the academic improvement of a boy or a girl in our school for a whole year by making an annual donation of $ 350,000 COP COP.

You can make your contribution by consigning to the following accounts:

Bancolombia checking account # 810-28377377

BBVA Checking Account # 535003008.

Or do it virtually through this channel.

Realiza una donación anual de $350.000 COP.

$ 350.000

Si necesitas ayuda por favor comunícate a nuestros teléfonos:

(+57) 317 5741085 o al (+57) (2) 379 9746.

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With an annual donation of COP 350,000, the program for Academic Improvement and Strengthening of values ​​of children from early childhood to 5th grade of primary school is supported, through Montessori pedagogy (1st childhood), Scratch classes (specialized visual programming language for children), Critical and literary thinking, Logical and mathematical thinking, Artistic (music and painting), Psychosocial accompaniment (psychology and speech therapy), Pedagogical Outings, Globalizations (immersion in the culture of a country), among other comprehensive training projects.

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