The María Perlaza campus is a public-private school located in commune 20 of the city of Cali, which serves a vulnerable community, extending its influence to the primary courses of Normal Farallones and its satellite schools.

It was founded around the middle of the 20th century by former students of the Benalcazar High School, who formed the María Perlaza Corporation. This space has been the laboratory for the development, innovation, and implementation of the Corporation's pedagogical model.


It offers all students, in addition to classrooms all the necessary academic equipment, a library with more than 2000 copies, a playroom, a cafeteria, a STEM systems room, emotions first aid kit where the psychosocial group attends, a playground, and 4 bathrooms.

Psychosocial team:

This team is the backbone for the development and solution of emotional problems in the Corporation. It is made up of a psychologist, neuropsychologist, speech therapist, and occupational therapist.

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Corporación María Perlaza

(+57) (2) 3868071 - (+57) 317 574 1085

Calle 5 Oeste # 18-02 Barrio Nacional

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.