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Nursery and talents

Provide a comprehensive and high-quality education to boys and girls from transition to fifth grade.

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Support higher education for young people and adults, which allows them to make their life project a reality.

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Anual contribution

Make an annual contribution, with which we will continue the academic and social development projects.

Make a donation:

You can make a donation by any of the following modalities:

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Support a young university student

Support higher education from $300.000 COP

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Make a donation of the amount you want.


A flower for education

Celebrate the life or memory of a loved one by making a donation in their name.


Donate from the US

With certificate valid in the US.

Through Give to Colombia


and business donations

If you are interested in contributing to this cause from your company or experience, we will be happy to create alliances that help expand the educational project of The Corporation. Contact us through the following form:

Institutions that have given us their support: