Corporación María Perlaza.

We are a non-profit entity that works with the objective of providing a cutting-edge education to colombian children in need, with the intention of providing the best possible education at the preschool and elementary school levels, as we firmly believe that offering high-level education Quality within the reach of all children is a fundamental step to improve social mobility and human development in Colombia.

We count on the active participation of the educational community, with which a more equitable, efficient school with greater social cohesion is built every day, from a communicative conception of teaching and learning. The work carried out by the Corporation in the María Perlaza school and in agreement with other foundations and institutions thus constitutes a platform to support and complement the official education programs, in such a way that the training received by its students reaches , not only the highest levels of educational quality, but also a comprehensive training with the development of civic, social, artistic and human skills.

Board of Directors 2020 - 2022:

Esperanza Izquierdo

Adela Baiz Matuk

Patricia Gers

Tulia Molina

Margarita Remolins

Maria Mercedes Escudero

Elisa Lopez

Patricia Tascón

Patricia Osorno

Constanza Villegas

Permanent guests

Ximena Zúñiga

Ana Maria Murgueitio

Nilse Payan

Úrsula de Guerrero


Corporación María Perlaza

(+57) (2) 3868071

(+57) 317 574 1085 - 316 7476111

Calle 5 Oeste # 18-02 Barrio Nacional

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.