The STEAM approach (for its acronym: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) is a multidisciplinary pedagogical approach that we have implemented in the Corporation's academic program since 2016, with two main objectives:

1. Enhance the cognitive, communicative, and attitudinal abilities of students in accordance with the educational and psychosocial needs identified by the Corporation's teachers and professionals.

2. Increase the participation of students' families, grassroots organizations, and volunteers in favor of quality education for all students.

The "Green School" project of the María Perlaza Corporation was taken as a reference to: - Raise awareness in the educational community about the good use of resources at home and school. - Promote environmental care through conservation workshops in natural settings that provide students with vital experiences with animals and plants. - Encourage boys and girls to replicate significantly on a small scale, such as intervention in their homes or neighborhoods based on recycling or environmental education.


In 2016, the "Scratch and Environment" project emerged. The Scratch and Environment project is an initiative that seeks to transversally incorporate the areas of computer science, natural sciences, social sciences, and mathematics as a pretext through the institutional project of the María Perlaza Corporation called "Green School". This is done in order to strengthen the skills acquired in the Visual programming language. With this, students analyze and identify situations from the social context to which they belong.

Using the skills acquired in Scratch, make a proposal that contributes to the resolution of the problem found. "Scratch and Environment" creates a conducive space where students identify as collective members. The intentional activities are aimed at promoting the appropriation of skills in the areas of knowledge, the "Green School" extracurricular day project, and those of the plan. Focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art—integration of all areas of knowledge.

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