In May 2021, we began our intervention at the Nazareth primary school headquarters in the municipality of Buenaventura, accepting the call of one of the community teachers. The school was in deplorable conditions where students received classes in inhumane conditions.

It was considered necessary to change the roof of the school, the walls, the floors, the windows and doors and to provide desks and boards in each area. We started the first stage which included reconstruction of the Transition and first rooms. In addition, a bathroom was built and the entrance to the School was improved. Later, in the second stage, we covered the second classroom and a large class that includes a library – which did not exist – a systems room, and a meeting place for students and teachers. We are currently in the third stage, which includes classrooms from third to fifth, bathrooms, a patio, and corridors.

In addition to the infrastructure part, the school has a serious water shortage problem because it only arrives twice a week for a short time. To resolve this shortage, the possibility of installing tanks that receive rainwater is being studied.

The attitude of the students, teachers, and the community in general, who have given their unconditional help, aware as the Corporation, that the only way to create a different future is through education, is especially commendable.

We invite those who read this article to collaborate in this substantial change that will allow closing the gaps of inequity and abandonment of this School. And that at the same time it can mean in the future, the hope of many other educational institutions thanks to the solidarity of all.

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